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Mélodie Blaison was born in 1992 in Avignon (Fr). After studying flute at the Conservatoire, she graduated from the Fine Arts School of Nantes (Fr) in 2016. She continued her studies at the post-graduate diploma Arts et Sound Creation at the ENSA of Bourges (Fr) before moving to Brussels where she develops her plastic and sound practice.

Between immersive installations and modular sculptures, she is interested in the hybrid spaces that fiction can generate while questioning our relationship to the world. 

In parallel, she is developing a solo project of experimental electroacoustic music that combines different flutes, including the transverse flute and ceramic creations, and the work of collecting field recordings, which for her is a means and a tool for transcribing the state of the world. 

This project has been presented and supported in different places in Marseille, at the Antre-Peaux in Bourges, at the Blockhaus DIY, Askip and Jardin C in Nantes, at the 22,48m2 gallery, La Baie Vitrée, the CAC La Traverse, the Zorba, the Sample and the Petit Bain in Paris, at the INACT Festival in Strasbourg, as well as for Divagation, Aqua Salata Festival, the Garage29, for the Schiev festival at the Beursschouwburg in Brussels, and Centre Pompidou in Paris.
Her first album VINTVRI was released in November 2022 on the label Grande Rousse Disques (Paris, Fr).

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