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Vinturi is a very personal project around the theme of memory. Mélodie has worked on depth on atmospheres and textures, as time and wind shape rocks, plants and being. This project combines the flute, synthetizers, vocals and a field recording collection used as a means and tool to transcribe the state of the world. By assembling these fragments, Mélodie composes a score with a collective and political dimension. 

"What grooves will keep the memory of the sounds until the end of he road ? The clim never ends. Venturi in the mountain, the one that can be seen from afar and the one that is climbed on the middle of the night to arrive before sunrise. It is the windy, white limestone summit, a sacred place in the Vaucluse. 

The memory of the Olympus of the South and the ghosts of the future rub shoulders between the murmurs of the ground and the nostalgic breaths rapped in the walls of the valley. The voice is that of tomorrow, like the poetess of a forsaken utopia, but also that of yesterday, the bearer of stories of the "guerillères". 

VINTVRI is the last fragment of votive inscriptions unearthed during the excavations around Mont Ventoux, but it is also the continuous breath of the transverse flute similar to the mistral, a cold and sometimes violent wind, which always ends up clearing the sky to leave it blue. "

VINTVRI is avalaible on Grand Rousse Disques since November 18 in a limited edition of 100 tapes. 

Is is accompanied by an ultra-limited edition of Puzzles made by Lucie Baratelli in the effigy of Carole Mousset's painting, and packed in sleeves made by Mélodie. 

Composition and mix : Mélodie Blaison

Painting : Carole Mousset

Graphic design : Etienne Librati

Mastering : Ventre de Biche

The voice fragments are texts borrowed from Emily Dickinson and Monique Wittig.

Listen it on Bandcamp

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